Same cream with Crème-gel Ultra Fraîche limited edition, but in an economic jar.


Hydration, radiance, anti-ageing for oily, normal and combination skin.


24-hour total anti-aging gel-cream for the face with a delicate aroma, for oily, normal and combination skin, looking for extremely light textures.


Ultra Fraîche cream-gel

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50 Milliliters
  • Application

    Morning and / or night according to your envies and needs, on clean face and neck. Ideal for summertime.
    Ideal for the summer months.

  • Active ingredients


    • Water lily and Imperata Cylindrica extracts: hydrate* and rejuvenate, giving a feeling of softness & freshness
    • Lipoamino acid from plant-derived proline: Proline is a component of skin collagen, it strengthens its structure, acting against the lack of firmness and contributing to the integrity of the extracellular matrice and the dermo-epidermal junction, activating thus the natural defense of the cells.
    • Hyaluronic Acid: moisturizes* and softens wrinkles by increasing skin density
    • Kombucha: a black tea ferment, traditionally considered a longevity elixir: smoothes the skin, softens fine wrinkles giving radiance to the expression.
    • Complex of vitamins A, B5, E and F: restore the natural balance of the skin, moisturize it *, protect it and regenerate it
    • Active olive polyphenols: protect the skin from the pollution and free radicals, responsible for premature ageing.

    * hydration of the upper layers of the skin

  • Testimonials

    "Για το καλοκαίρι η ultra fraîche μαζί με το σερουμ αποκαθιστά την υγρασία που μου λείπει." Σίσσυ